Time for some catching up!!!!

    I haven’t been on tumblr since summer and that’s a while to be away.  A lot of events have happened in my life since then. This is not the first of the event but, I got invited to a live audition at FSU, which is AMAZING, since they have one of the top music programs in the nation. I am so excited to audition for them in the fall.


    ***I contacted University of Illinois late about auditioning, but I was able to pass pre-screening and be selected to audition with them as well. I am so EXCITED! Now the wait begins for University of Tennessee. 

    I was also selected for a soloist in Messiah and this is one of my biggest accomplishments. I auditioned on He was despised sophomore year and didn’t get in and then tried again this year with all the hardwork and effort and I accomplished it. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! AHHHH (the yellow dress is me!)


    I PASSED MY RECITAL PERMISSION JURY!!!!! I can officially give a senior recital come February. 

    In non-academic news, I have been talking to this guy… More details to come LATER!